moving beyond the Church’s complicity

moving beyond the Church’s complicity
Saturday June 28, 2008

Dear Professor Miller,

I read online that you answer some readers’ letters. Let this be one of those!

I am aware of the Church’s sinister complicity in the perpetuation of destructive child-rearing patterns.

Still, I cannot help but recognize the life-giving potential inherent in a system of beliefs which maintains that a gracious Face, who recognized the suffering of the Hebrew people in Egypt, saw a people’s suffering, heard their cries, and cared enough to intervene on this people’s behalf. (Exodus 2:23-3:10, link included here for your convenience…);&version=31;

Is that not the prototype of the helping witness?

Then, according to the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the visible incarnation of this gracious face chooses to sacrifice HIMSELF (not a son, but his very SELF) in order to be FOR others. Is this not the parent’s job, to be FOR the child?

Though the Church has failed, there is so much potential to convince its members of the impact of the helping/enlightened witness! Your work has so much to teach the Church and I believe that a correct reading (and living!) of the biblical texts underscores your research and work. (i.e. members of the body of Christ living as the literal “witnesses” to his teaching on non-violence, love for neighbor, etc.)

I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Thanks you for considering my request,
Rev. M. S.

AM: Why don’t you write to the pope and ask him to listen to the cries of the millions of maltreated children who are daily brutally beaten by their religious parents to become obedient so that God could take a shine on them?