Advice for a narcissist?

Advice for a narcissist?
Saturday July 21, 2007

Dear Ms. Miller,
It’s been about 20 years since I read “Drama of the Gifted Child”. My parents didn’t validate me at all, and I’m now 45 and realize I’m still dealing with narcissistic issues. Do you know how I can help myself? I was definitely an attachment parent with my little boy, and I don’t think there was a single instance of abuse in our relationship. Unfortunately, I wasn’t well understood, and an abusive man took my child away for issues such as I didn’t vaccinate & used natural medical care.

Now, I’m really trying to get more time with my son, and to do so, am having an extensive mental health evaluation. The tests are showing issues like hystrionics & narcissism, and elevated suspiciousness.

I think I’ve acknowledged these things, and behave lovingly to my child, but the tests concern me. I don’t think the forensic psychologist who is finding these things understands the issue of narcissism – he thinks that I must be thinking that I’m better than anyone else, whereas I’m thinking that I didn’t get the mirroring I needed from my parents to have any kind of sense of self at all.

I greatly respect your advice, and appreciate any guidance you can provide. M. F.

AM: How do you FEEL when you are reading diagnosis about your “issues”?