We can leave the pattern

We can leave the pattern
Friday February 13, 2009

Hi !

Thank you Alice Miller for being the most inspiring person in my strives to raise two children.

I have been beaten regulary when I was a child but swore that I would never hit anyone that didnt hit me first.

However the beating stopped when I was seven years old and ”won” by locking myself in my room and throw my fathers camera (wich he kept in a closet in my room) out of the window.

When the camera hit the pavement and burst into pieces I experiened a sensational feeling of winning over him. Since then he maybe could beat me but I always faught back very severe and in my eyes he always lost. My mother was on my side but never opponed him. She has later appologised for that.

By reading your books I now undderstand the importance of respect for the innocent child.

Before i read your books I did not understand why I kept my self in such a good shape by traning muscles, jujutsu and karate.

I never wanted to get into that bad position again, being beaten up and unable to fight back.

I read your books when I was about to have my first child. They gave me great understanding in how things worked between parents and children.

I am an engineer so I am always used to read manuals first and thats what I did.

I now have two wonderful daughters who are independent and full of life. Strong personalitys.

I have never beaten them and hardly never raised my voice. We have great respect for each other.

Now today my daughter called me up from school. She is 19 years old and she was writing something about psykologi and how childhood affected pesronality and wanted me to give her advise! I immediatly thought of you!! Maybe you dont read this but thank you anyway. I owe you much.

Please send me your latest 3 books Paths of life ,the truth will set you free and The body never lies. Availible in swedish ?

and an invoice to my company.

From the Team: We don’t sell any books, look at Amazon.