Alice Miller quote

Alice Miller quote
Monday December 24, 2007

I don’t know if this goes directly if it does… I’d like to say Thank you! I love your work it, quite literally, pumps the blood through my veins!:)

I am writing for some assistance – I am in the middle of an essay which needs to be completed 1st week Jan and I would love to use the quote that goes something like:-
“Desperate children Will drink dirty water” ?

Would it be possible to have the quote and where it was sourced i.e. book, page number and year?

I have spent hours trying to find this myself with no luck so would appreciate any help!

Thanks, in deep resonance with your writing and art ……..
J. S.

AM: Unfortunately I can’t help, I know that I have written this sentence but don’t know any more where I did it, in which book exactly.