Interview Questions

Interview Questions
Wednesday May 16, 2007

Hi, this is Claire Matlak, and for a school project my group and I are doing a documentary about child abuse. If you have the time, would you please respond to these questions? Thank you.

1. What lasting effects do you think child abuse has?

2. What was it that led you to write your books?

3.What made you decide to go into your field of work?

4. Why do you think many adults who had been abused as children feel gratitude towards their abusers (their parents)?

5.Why do you think it is that many children don’t show signs that they were abused until adulthood?

6. What made you focus so much on the “for your own good” theory?

7. Do you believe that there is a solution in sight for ending child abuse, or do you think that it’s a cycle that will continue until the end of time?

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, C. M.

AM: You can easily find the answers to your questions 1 – 6 if you take time to read my interviews on this website. I can’t answer yet your question #7. It depends on the courage of people and their willingness to get to know WHY they beat their children. Without that curiosity and courage probably nothing will change.