Scary, yes

Scary, yes
Sunday December 20, 2009

Dear Mrs. Miller,

Recently I read some of your books, as well as some articles and letters on your website.

If what you write is true, your ideas are revolutionary but also hard to accept. Not because they are illogical but because they are plainly scary. It would mean that most of us life in a 1984-like reality with an internal Big Brother controlling us, inherited from our parents, to be passed on to our children. This would explain why it is so hard to change: because we are for the larger part Big Brother, more inclined to take side with the parent than with the child.

I know you say that the road to truth is by feeling, but being a skeptic (not a cynic!) I have a question concerning your ideas:

If I understand you correctly you say that there is a state for man in which he is free of self delusion, completely himself (whatever that means) and as a result free from illness. To me it sounds a bit like religion, and I have the impression that is the last thing you want to sound like, but it brings me to my question:

If such a ´state of grace´ exists, did it exists before in the history of men and if so, why was paradise lost?
Or, if it did not exist before, why could it exist in the future, being some kind of next step in the evolution of mankind?

I know almost everyone has this deep longing for paradise but this longing in itself is not a proof that it really could exist. It could be a trick of Nature, some kind of carrot, to keep mankind moving on.

I hope you don´t find my question too philosophical or irrelevant and I would be very thankful if you could find the time to answer my question.

I wish you all the best, with many years still to come in good health.


AM: You are right: For everybody who dares to think It MUST be scary to see with open eyes that we blindly produce the EVIL (the violence) in almost every newborn as long as we deny the violence and injustice we suffered from as children. We fear the simple and undeniable facts so much that we create all kind of theories to conceal this truth. In this way we can avoid feeling the fear of the punishments the child we once were had to expect if he SAW the truth and even talked about. There are however some poeple who dared to feel their truth and experienced the liberation from the prison of lies that for some ” sceptical” persons are not logical at all but maybe just quieting.