Looking at the own history

Looking at the own history
Friday October 02, 2009


Dear Dr. Alice Miller,

Thank you for all of your work… all of your insights, truths, brilliance, studies, intuition, memories, genius, absolute courage to never protect the parents and to say it like it is… you have given the world the answers to what it takes to have world peace… now if only, we wake up and take this information and put it to use.

AM: Thank you for your moving words. I receive many of thanks but when people start to look at their parents their admiration for me transforms itself n some of them into a strong irrational hatred because they use me as scapecoat to protect their feared parents from their rage. But people who really want to know their history don’t need to use me as a scapecoat, they are usually grateful for the “tip” they received. Now, it is up to you to have a look at your history and to see how you feel.