Thank you

Thank you
Thursday February 15, 2007

Dear Dr. Miller,

I just need to say ‘thank you’ for opening my eyes.

The Drama of the Gifted Child had a profound effect on me many years ago, to the point of changing my attitude and deciding to be a person who could make a difference. I frequently tell people about your thoughts and the book.

At 60 years of age I know I have made a difference with at least one developmentally and language delayed child and by raising two caring sons who are always good and kind to little ones, their peers and their elders.

Goodness begets goodness.

I have composed long letters of thanks to you but life has always taken over before I could send them. For now, just know that I appreciate your strength of character and greatly value the courage you have given me.

With very best wishes, H.

AM: Thank you for writing to us. Yes, goodness begets goodness, as you say – provided that it is authentic and not just pretended. You see it in the next generation, as in your case.