“The Body Never Lies” commentary

“The Body Never Lies” commentary
Saturday February 23, 2008

Dear Alice Miller,

I have recently read your book “The Body Never Lies” and found it generally right on target. However, I felt and thought you did not go far enough as to why the behavior is such. Is it not the structure of society? Aren’t the parents the representation of the state or country who follow and are inculcated both physically and somatically with the ideas of the society we live in? Then is it not so that the fear of humankind (starvation, death, destruction of the organism) leads to a societal set up or type to divert or distract the fear of its demise? (see Denial of Death by Berber)

I would welcome a reply if you so desire.

Warm regards, J. C., (Bioenergetic Therapist)

AM: I have the feeling that you read my book with your eyes totally closed. How did you manage this? The answer to your question actually lies in the book: Society is composed of people so much terrorized in early childhood that they are, like you, even as adults still too afraid to SEE what has been done to them by their OWN parents.