How to respond to bullying and mobbing?

How to respond to bullying and mobbing?
Monday March 20, 2006

Dear Mrs. Miller,

Reading your book ‘Eva’s Erwachen’ helped me to understand how emotional and physical abuse inflicted by the parents on their children, can lead to violence in our society and the world. Although I don’t know if I got spanked, it was obvious that I was neglected emotionally. After therapy, reading all kinds of books, confronting my pain and anger I understand why my adult life feels like a struggle of survival. I also experienced bullying on the primary school and in 2003-2004 mobbing at work. In 2004 I decided to open a website about mobbing and spoke several people about this phenomenon and asked some mobbing experts for an interview. It appeared that everyone is convinced that bullying and mobbing is part of the human identity and cannot be resolved but only kept under control. Your book helped me to understand how mobbing/bullying sustains in our society. All kinds of projects try to cover the wounds, but the problem lies so much deeper. To stop this emotional abuse will take a whole cultural shift to take place so people become aware that the origin lies in the way we treat our children. It’s a continuous heritage that can be stopped!

I am really interested in your personal view on the issue mobbing/bullying. Therefore I like to ask you to give an interview for this website. It’s a Dutch website with a smaller English and German section (click on the flags). Please take a visit at

I thank you for your time and I’m looking forward to your reply.

With kind regards,
J. W.

AM: Do you know the book “Stalking the Soul” by Marie-France Hirrigoyen? She is an expert for what you are looking for, she has much courage to see through lies and she knows also my books. I suggest that you make an interview with her (she lives in Paris). If you want to publish anything on child abuse you can copy articles or interviews published already on my site.