To give up the dissociation

To give up the dissociation
Wednesday July 01, 2009

Dear Ms. Miller,
….For many reasons we are publishing only the last paragraph of your letter that is essential. You write: “People have chosen wives or husbands and had children, people have started and waged wars,
people have created and followed religions, people have established
entire nations, people have murdered, based on nothing other than
enactments of dissociation. I cannot help think certainly some
people have chemically and surgically altered their gender from
nothing other than dissociative compulsion. I would rather have the

Thank you, Ms. Miller, S

AM: Your decision is exceptional. Usually people live with their dissociation (self-betrayal) that doubtlessly was necessary to survive an extremely cruel childhood, and they don’t know that they don’t need to betray themselves in adulthood. Especially when they are so smart and brave as you are they could take the risk of living their strong authentic feelings and giving up their self-betrayal. I congratulate you to your decision of looking for your truth even if this path may be hard. But it will be free of illusions that make us sick.