your research

your research
Monday December 01, 2008

dear alice,

thank you for welcoming me to send you my thesis (attached, in sections). i hope that you may find it worthwhile to see. please know that it is not updated – i would have liked to add much more to the literature review, and revise what i have written about your work, but as you know, i have not been well for the past few years.
in the future, i would like to add the following: new brain research; the work of Daniel Stern on infant experience; Allan Schore’s work on affect regulation and dysregulation and experience-dependent maturation; wonderful work on empathy from the book Empathy Reconsidered; and much more.

but one could write forever in the academic world – more importantly i want to work in ways that truly reach people. i am finally applying for graduate school in a psychodynamic (but not Freudian analytic) program that Dr. Bertram Karon told me about, since this program does not advocate drugging people. i am also working to try and improve my health, because there is so much i still hope for in my life that i have not yet had a chance to experience.

wishing you all the best,

AM: Thank you for sending me your hudge material about your important research on the empathy with the child we have been. I am glad that you are a scientist who doesn’t hesitate to call the spade a spade and is not afraid of clearly seeing the consequences of child abuse and its denial. There are only a few scientists that have this courage.