Sunday October 26, 2008

Dear Ms. Miller,

I am a 42-year old psychology student at a small university in British Columbia, Canada. I am just finishing my degree in developmental neuropsychology this year. I chose this field because I want to show the effects that abuse has on a child’s brain, and the way the brain can heal when a person completes a process of attachment theory-based counselling.

I have read all of your books – more than once. My husband and I both share your philosophies and ideas about attachment and we love how you relate it to everything in life because we do the same – it is all completely related. I often feel like a lone soldier walking around with such incredible information and knowledge, while so many people are unable to see it (and it seems so clear to us because we have been through a counselling process). I LOVE that you put yourself through your own counselling process, so to speak. That is so amazing to me because the shame and guilt that came up many times for me when working through my relationships with my parents made me want to stop each time. My counsellor was very encouraging and I think that if I did not have him believing in me, if I had been doing it myself, I dont’ know if I could have gone the whole distance. So it amazes me that you did, and that you have all this knowledge – and I just love how you are sharing it with the world through your books, books which validated and encouraged me during that process and continue to even now. My husband and I have shared quite a few of your books with colleagues, family and friends.

Have a wonderful day,

AM: Thank you for your letter. You say: I think that I can show the physical changes that correlate with the emotional damage and healing. I would be interested in hearing from you more about this issue.