Friday July 06, 2007

Darling Alice,

How wonderful of you to reply to my letter!!! Thank you so much!!! Your encouragement and recommendations (diary, letters to parents, your book – I’ll read all of your books, of course) are already making a difference, and it is HOPE that you have just given me. It is an invaluable gift.

I wish I could give you something in return. If you ever need anything, I’d be thrilled to be of any kind of help.

Will let you know of my progress in a half a year or so.

With my best wishes and deepest gratitude, Your F.P.

P.S. You know, as a young girl, I made a decision never to have children, simply because I didn’t want one more human being to be as unhappy as I had been. The older I am, the more I realise I was right in making such a decision, even though many people cannot understand it (nor approve, for that matter).

AM: Thanks so much for your response, I would be glad to hear in some months how you succeeded with your work. Now you seem to become already the enlightened witness to the child you once were and this is certainly much better than going to confusing therapists who fear their own memories and their suppressed rage.