narcissistic injury and sexual identity/preference

narcissistic injury and sexual identity/preference
Wednesday September 14, 2005

Hi Dr. Miller:

Before starting the topic that I mention above, I first wanted to say
that I consider finding and reading your books as a key element in helping me
save my life.
I came across a reference to your book “The Truth Will set you free” as
I was finishing my first practicum in training to be a psychologist.
I had trouble initially listening to clients in therapy. As you can
imagine, it is difficult to listen, while suppressing emotions related to their
stories, as well as the repressed emotion in my body that became activated while
being with them.
I consider myself to have suffered a tremendous narcissistic injury in
childhood, and your books were helpful in the start of my grieving
process and seeking therapy to help me with it.
I found a therapist who has been instrumental in helping me with the
trauma, I recovered the memories of my childhood, and have resolved much of the
grief (rage, shame, and other emotions).

I’m wondering if your studies have ever examined the relationship
between narcissistic injury and sexual identity or preference. After reading
your books, I was wondering what your thoughts are on homosexuality or
same-sex unions?
Here in North America, this is a very sensitive topic and I am very
committed to the acceptance of all persons. Not all individuals who seek same-sex
unions are fulfilled, and so I wondered if you have done any work in this area?
I have some thoughts/hypotheses in this area, and I’m wondering if you
are receptive to talking about this?


A.M.: I am glad that my books where helpful to you and am sorry that I can’t do even more. On this page I want to answer some questions concerning the issues I did discussed in my books and not the ones I did not. To discuss the question you raised would deserve writing a whole book so I must respect my limits. Thank you for your understanding.