A suggestion for your next book?

A suggestion for your next book?
Saturday July 08, 2006

Dear Ms Miller,
Thank you for everything you wrote published and suffered being a witness of Truth. I more than appreciate coming in contact with your books some 15 years ago. You gave me words for the knowledge I had in me, but was not able to voice it well. My journey to freedom would never have happened the way it did if not for your awesome courage to stand in truth. You are one of the fundamental influences in my life. And I thank you for that. If there were anything I could do for you, I would be honoured to do it.
Much has happened in my life and I feel as though I stand on the other side of the mirror and look at my past seeing it as all transparent, “making sense” and painful, but of course that…

I am a musicologist by profession and very much loving what I studied. Right now I am about to study some more, but in library and information science in Canada (Toronto). Hope that could be even more interesting and give me tools to explore music from different perspectives.
Your accounts of different people’s lives often made me think about some of the greatest and most unhappy composers and musicians I studied about. In particular Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I don’t think this man was ever known, even to himself… I am sure you know his story (not from the “Amadeus” – superbly done, but making it its own story not in accordance with truth). Since you are from the German cultural and ethnic background, you would be able to penetrate deeply into this tragic child-genius psyche. I think the story of his life is quite common for many people. For years, I thought about that, but never knew I could actually write a letter to you, just like that… It only a question I have for you.

I am sure you receive thousands of e-mails and letters. Cannot imagine it would not be so. You are probably the only person I know I could share my entire life story with and receive some deep words of wisdom. Your books have been that for me and now, that I found your website I hope I could learn more and take it from there.

Thank you, my deep gratitude to you, M. S.

AM: Thank you very much for your letter. I know the tragic story of Mozart but I will not write about him. It is very frustrating to describe tragedies of artists’ and writers’ childhoods and to receive reactions that show little empathy because apparently there are not many people who can feel. To write about the pain of a genius doesn’t fit into most people’s mentality. Would you once like to write about Mozart’s love and suffering? I wish you much luck in your life and work.