Finding a way out

Finding a way out
Wednesday November 02, 2005

My name is W. Z. and I am an American livng in the Geneva/Vaud area
here. I am originally from the the San Francisco Bay Area and I have already
had a lot of therapy over the years. I am currently reading your book “And
the truth will set you free” which I am not only enjoying but hve had a lot
of the same thoughts and observations in my current practice as a management
consultant and well as an abused child. I read “The drama of the gifted
Child ” over ten years ago and gave it to a lot of my friends in Calfornia.
I am further impressed that you have written all these books on child abuse
as a Swiss citizen as I find the Swiss cutlure very emotionally repressed.
I have been here over 4 years now and it is not what I would call an open
and welcoming place. I do understand that a lot has to do with the harsh
history of the region. I would value your recommendation if you know a good
therapist in the Geneva/ Vaud area who has done their homework on their own
childhood so they can help me with whatever is left ot uncover in my own.
Thanks very much.
I am very grateful that you found your voice to write such needed and
powerful books. I am a big fan. And I find that people need to be ready to
hear what you have to say. One of my friends threw your book across the room
because he said it upset him so much. I suggested to him it was not the book
but perhaps things he did not want to acknowledge about his childhood.
I must admit I do understand why a lot of people do not wan to open the door
to the pain of the past. But I have found the only way out is through it.
So I continue doing the work.
Best Regards,


A.M.: Thank you for your insightful letter. Maybe my most recent book “The Body Never Lies”, Norton 2005 (“Notre corps ne ment jamais”) and the FAQ list on my website (section “articles”) as well as other recent articles could help you now to find the therapist you need. I wish you good luck.