Nurturing self-esteem

Nurturing self-esteem
Thursday February 09, 2006

Dear Alice

I don’t know that this will be read by you, but I want to try asking my questions.

I am very interested in working in the field of promoting nurturing self-esteem beginning from infancy onward. Can you suggest ways to do this? I would like this to be my life’s work.

I have read several of your books as well as other authors. I have lost track of where my ideas end and yours begin, they are very similar by now. I see the connection between what we nurture into our children and what we have in society all to well. What can I do?



AM: To open the eyes of others we must first open our owns, by exploring emotionally the atmosphere of our childhood and acknowledging its effects on our adult life. Once we have done this difficult emotional work plenty of ideas will come up of what we actually want to do.