thanks and request

thanks and request
Saturday October 20, 2007

Dear Dr. Miller,

Thank you for writing your books — they have opened my heart and allowed me to begin to feel compassion for myself. They are allowing me to heal, but I am afraid I need more healing than I can provide by myself.

I have tried several different therapists, and they all loved your first book (my first sign that they were not appropriate therapists for me). They were not prepared to listen to me, or they steered the talk to other subjects,or they wanted to do EMDR, or they wanted to ignore the roots of my anguish altogether and suggested divorce and kindergarten (since I am married and I homeschool and practice attachment parenting). Being apart from the people I love doesn’t seem to be an answer for me even though the people I originally loved (my parents) taught me I would only be safe if I could be alone.

I am looking for a therapist in New York City (and or a group of child abuse/incest survivors). It startles me that it is so difficult to find someone who can be an enlightened witness. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations?
With great admiration for you, your art and your work, B.

AM: Unfortunately, all I can give you are my books and articles. I hope that you find in them the answers you are looking for.