Using the AM painting as a tool

Using the AM painting as a tool
Sunday July 30, 2006

I was just looking over the oil paintings. And my question is, why would professionals continue to use the Rorschach or the T.A.T. as a tool when there exists such a profound example of “pull” in your artwork? Has no one ever looked at the logistics of those cards, of the population sample they could actually assess? Your depictions speak to so many patients in such a vast array of disorders, why would someone not have already suggested your art-work be utilized to aide adolescents and adults in progressing on the path to truth…in essence the source of their suffering?

I co-run an adolescent program in NJ. And I find your material not only useful, but as an invaluable tool with which to reach my patients. Please take this, as simply my sentiments of encouragement and along with note of admiration and respect.


AM: Thank you very much for your letter. At the first moment I was surprised by your mentioning the Rorschach test that has been used since the fifties for diagnostic aims, which I don’t appreciate at all. But then, after a short time, I found your idea very convincing and I like it. Of course, not every psychologist could work with this “tool” but for sensitive people like you regarding these paintings together can enable a real emotional contact with the suffering person. If you only ask what they feel or see when they regard a painting they may come in touch with their own feelings in a much deeper way than when they only talk about their childhoods and are blocked by fears of their parents. If you already have made some experiences of this kind please let us know. Also, if you have any idea about how we could suggest this way of working also to other psychologists without to become a target of commercial interests.