Time to digest

Time to digest
Tuesday September 08, 2009


My name is Candice, I am 19 years old, and wanted to send this email to you to thank you and support you on all the hard work you have done to help society see the abuse inflicted on children and how so many horrific events have come to occur and will continue to do so through children being abused. I know the world has a long way to go with regards to accepting the truth about their own childhoods, myself included I suppose though I think I am on the right track, but with the passion and love you have for children of which you have given to so many other people I am sure will set the stepping stones towards a humane, loving and caring method of parenting.

I have been through a bit of a bad time lately, which was why I started paying more attention to your website, and though with out a doubt I am very scared to I would like to read your books because I think they will be very useful for me.

When I see a child being abused, whether in verbal or physical ways I try and find the courage in me to say something in defense of the child to the abuser, though I am ashamed to admit that sometimes I have not found the courage in me to do so.

The journey ahead of me seems very daunting, the journey to myself, I am mostly scared but I like painting and drawing so I am thinking about trying those as a method of expression for the ways I feel at times.

Thank you, Alice Miller.

Kind regards, CB

AM: Your letter is very unusual for a person in your age. I am sure that the books will help you to understand more but please take time so you can slowly “digest” them.