To touch the hearts

To touch the hearts
Saturday October 03, 2009

Dear Alice Miller

I’ve always wondered about how we (human beeings) have developed ourselves and societies into the crazy world we have today.

I did think a little bit like you some years ago, but when I read one of your books for the first time every piece of the puzzle fell into the right place.

I found the answers in your books, not only to my own troubles, but to the troubles of mankind over all, through all times, escalating up till now.

And it made me feel afraid and alone. This was not a joyful knowledge, and who to share it with? People said I was mad to speak about it.

Well, I learned to speak more carefully, and today it’s becoming more and more common knowledge;

childhood affects us so much, much more than we thought before.

I think that not only beating and humiliating children is unhealthy; our “normal” way of bringing up children, the way we look at them and treat them, are damaging to our health.

That means – we are all affected (damaged) emotionally to some degree. That means – there is no guru. It was a shock to acknowledge, because I was looking desperately for one.

The last years I’ve wanted to write a book about it, but am not quite ready yet. My focus will be the connection between the hurt child and the worlds leaders (politicians and businessmen) of today.

What I dont know yet is how to write, how to tell this and touch damaged peoples hearts. Naiv? Sure! I’m a journalist, 54 years of age, and you must excuse my english, I’m norwegian.

My question to you; how would you write to open hearts, not closing them even more?

Preudonym if published;

AM: You will touch the hearts of others only if you dare to touch your own heart.