Please advise

Please advise
Thursday April 13, 2006

Dear Alice Miller,

I have got a lot help of reading your books by unravelling my own childhood pain.

Now i met this sweet man from Germany, whom i fell deeply in love with. We are soul mates. He is really wounded in his youth, and i can’t help him enough being his lover as well. He has this double load. His mother depressed from the moment he was born (last of 4 boys, he had to be a girl) couldn’t handle his upbringing. No room for mistakes, she hit him for falling, while crying herself. From his father he got his second name, Adolf, which is even more sad. His father lost his own father when he was young, killed in a camp by Russian soldiers. They put the camp half under water until all men died from diseases coming from it. So there is also this second generation trauma.

He is now 35 years, has a creative profession in which he his good. Never met a sweeter person. He is functioning on the edge with a depression (got medicine for it) and auto immune disease. Soon he will move to Berlin and there he will search for a therapist. Because i told a lot about your work, he asked me, to write you if you could advise for a good therapist in Berlin who is familiar and working with your theory.

I hope you can advise us and if this is not possible out of collegial rules, please advise us how to handle to reach our goal without you mentioning names. He prefers a woman therapist.

Thanks a lot for all your work, think you are a great woman.

With love, G. O.

AM: I don’t know any therapist I could recommend, neither in Berlin nor elsewhere in Germany. For that reason I wrote the FAQ list that can help to find the therapist who might understand you. You will find it when you click “articles” on my homepage. You might also find help in reading my most recent article.