I am 19 year old…

I am 19 year old…
Sunday March 08, 2009

Dear Alice,

My name is Vedrana,I am 19 years old female from Croatia. My wish is to become
an existential psychotherapist in the future..that’s why I started my
in Canada ( this is my first year of psychology…) anyways…

some time ago, I ve found your book- the drama of the gifted child… you
described me too well. Right now I am reading your book The body never
lies…again…you described my situation too well.

While reading I thought that I would really like to have the possibility to
speak with you, and to discuss some problems that I am going through right
now… I have been reading so many books…I have been trying to understand all
that happened to me through all kinds of different theories…in a way I am
still doing that ( and I want to STOP making the excuses, and to face the
truth…it hurts,and I am afraid.)

…I wanted to find a therapist that could be like you here in Toronto, but
I thought…’but I want to speak wit HER, no with someone LIKE her…”
and that
is the reason why I am writing to you…

Would you like to help me on my journey of changing the old patterns of
behaving, thinking and believing? …and what s more important…would you like
to be here, and to help me while I am trying to face all those big black
existential fears? please…V

AM: It is hard in your age to see and bear the whole truth about your childhood because you might be still emotionally dependent on your parents but it is not impossible. I hope that my books can help you to go the path you want to go. I can’t give you more than my work.