Free Lectures on Cable Access Television

Free Lectures on Cable Access Television
Wednesday July 26, 2006

Dear Alice Miller,

For many years now I have been both reading and discussing your books and attending meetings at a 12 step recovery place known as “The Dry Dock.” One of my best friends is a man who is ten years sober in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. As important as that program has been to his recovery, he tells me he does not think he could have stayed sober (or alive) without the things he learned and journey he chose of self-discovery of childhood pain through your courageously truthful books and teachings.

I have a local cable public access television show where I would love to present your ideas with full credit of course to you and encouragement that your books be read for full understanding of the concepts I will try to convey.

I am very articulate and believe I can give your teachings proper presentation. I ask for no money and will give full website links and information on the books you have written that should be researched by viewers for a complete understanding of your teachings.

Thanks again and I would be very happy to send copies of upcoming shows. Constructive criticism would be greatly welcome.

Thank you, V. W.

AM: Thank you so much for your letter, I appreciate your interest and engagement. Actually, it is the first time that somebody offers to do something for my books without asking for my help and my cooperation. I feel very moved.