Personal comment and question

Personal comment and question
Saturday December 16, 2006

Dear Alice Miller,

Thank you for the answer, i wanted to point out that my therapist handed the “drama” to me and it was a eye opener, i too got a few copies and passed it around to certain people, and i read a few more of your great work, thank you!, in the past few days, I’m very confused regarding my 8 1/2 year relationship with a man that is 10 years older than me, without his “radars”, i wouldn’t be here writing to you., he fought me in order to help me bring the flower that was hidden inside, and that should bloom. (my true self)., during these ups and downs, since i was still living in a bubble (looking back), i had to protect myself and fight back, i did not even know at the time that i really never trusted anyone including him, i was reflecting and i have destroyed his trust in me., now we are still together, going through it all together, the unfolding, reading, understanding my behavior, and it means so much to me., the problem is that he does not trust and because he doesn’t know when he will regain the trust, he is giving up the relationship after being so close to me and my 11 year old daughter. I’m still in therapy, i have changed so much in just 4 months, and i love logic, therefore i can manage to help myself, i can’t help but see this drastic (bad timing) move – a betrayal. if i did not that we love each other dearly, i wouldn’t bother to figure this out.
nothing will stop me and derail me, on the other hand it hurts so much. what do you think?
thank you for reaching out, it’s good to check out all the other readers mail, it helps.
i do not mind the letter/question being published.
T.Z .

AM: You write: “I’m still in therapy, i have changed so much in just 4 months, and i love logic.” I am positive that you will find on your own the answer you ask me for because YOU LOVE LOGIC.