Journal for Miller studies

Journal for Miller studies
Wednesday October 18, 2006

Dear Alice Miller:

I live in Mexico City. In internet I have met some enlightened readers of your work. We are dismayed that there is no journal for Millerian studies.

Are we wrong? Is there a forum for people like us? We are familiar with some popular and serious web sites about child abuse, but not of a scholarly journal edited by Millerian editors. (We discount the Journal of Psychohistory since Lloyd deMause himself is reluctant to expose the psychiatric drugging of millions of children by their parents; and we also discount the journal Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry since the editors dismiss the idea that abusive parents cause psychoses.)

I would like to know if there are people who share our interests in creating a scholarly journal about Millerian studies. Any information will be appreciated.

And thanks again you for being my enlightened witness (thru your books)!

Yours sincerely,

César Tort

web site:

AM: As you see there are not many who are not afraid of punishment if they acknowledge the role of parents in producing violence and psychosis. Since almost all of us were beaten children, the fear of punishment is still with us unless we could work on it.
Do you know people who would have the courage to write for such a journal? Please let us know.