Thursday July 02, 2009

Dear Ms Miller
I wrote to you on two issues.One was my 21 yr old son’s suicide. One was the memory of my M masturbating in front of me and mocking me as she did it.
Now, I want to share someting beautiful.I have a relationship with a man who sees me.
The only other person who saw me was my Grandmother.
He sees the inner me who is under all the layers of distortions. I am coming alive.
I think if someone can see the real you and lets you attach, you can heal.Do you agree? EM

AM: I think that being seen by your Grandmother in your CHILDHOOD was essential. It enabled you to see and to listen to yourself in adulthood. THUS you could retrieve your painful but helpful memory that you shared with us in your letter of June 14. Once you know yourself and your story, once you can FEEL, you no longer need to hide yourself and can allow yourself to be seen by others as far as you want to. Congratulations!