a question?

a question?
Wednesday February 04, 2009

Dear Alice Miller

I am writing in from India. I am a ‘psychotherapist in healing’.Your
book The Drama and your articles on the website have opened up a whole new
dimension for my own healing work and have ridden off,for me, a tremenduous
amount of confusion and vagueness.I am very grateful for the same.
I have one question concerning maltreatment.In my case it continues at the
hands of my still alive parent.While i grapple with the past,how am i to also
deal effectively with what of it persists through my parent, in the
present.Could you throw some light,the simutaneous presence of these two
processes is very difficult to see or work through.


AM: I am afraid that I don’t understand your question well enough. Maybe reading my book The Body Never Lies can provide you with the responses you are looking for.