Looking for a therapist

Looking for a therapist
Wednesday August 30, 2006

Dear Ms. Miller,

Your book, ‘The Drama of the Gifted Child”, is a gift to my soul that can only be compared to cool spring water on the lips of a person dying from thirst. I have been waiting so long to hear what you have so courageously written. To have a witness of, and an advocate against, the monstrous abuse perpetrated against me as a child; all done in the name of Jesus, for the cause of my reformation and salvation, reinforced by the silence of all who stood by and added their approval by smiling and looking the other way.

Now, I find myself desperately in need of the kind of therapy which you describe and prescribe so beautifully in your books. I live in South Florida, Ft Lauderdale, but I would be willing to go any distance to find a therapist who could help me. Do you have any suggestions as to where I may turn to find help? Do you continue to take patients yourself?

With grateful appreciation,
S. M.

AM: I am very sorry that I can’t recommend a therapist to you. For that reason, I wrote the FAQ list so that you can check if the therapist you are talking to will be on your side and will not try to give you “lessons” in the traditional way. You should also read my last book “The Body Never Lies” and the articles on my website to be better informed before you have chosen a therapist. I wish you good luck!