The journey I travel

The journey I travel
Sunday June 25, 2006

Dearest Alice

Hello and Thank you
I would love to share with you your influence on me and my children, my life is finally having reason and sense, i have read 3 of your books,plus ordering nearly all your other tittles this morning and i have down loaded many of your pictures.
I am a trainee person centred counsellor though i have struggled constantly throughout my course with both the academic and person development parts. though i have not given up and this i feel is due to you and my courage to continue in the face of great adversity.
You have been my silent witness with each book i read i feel the child i was meant to be grow within.
My childhood as with millions of other was abusive with a capital A, i have found this to be useful as for me it is easier to see the abuse, though for others that live with the facade that their childhood was filled with loving parents and happy memories, it is these adults that find it much harder to accept the abuse they endured in their childhoods.
I suffered extreme abuse at the hands of my parents i locked away the sexual abuse they exposed me too, by persons they allowed into my home when i was a very young child, it has only been since i started my course and counselling that i began to realise that there was a black pit in my memory that i so terrified to even focus on for than a moment or two. though i could no longer run from the pit, because it visited me in my dreams and finally i with the constant support and acceptance of my therapist i allowed the memories to come in. the fear grief sadness and anger i experienced was nearly life threatening but i did it we did it and you where there Alice as well; i k