a dream

a dream
Tuesday August 26, 2008

Dear Alice Miller:

Thank you so much for answering my e-mail. It feels surreal to me that I am communicating with you. You are a true hero. And thank you for sending me your new flyer. I will translate it as soon as possible and I will distribute it. Also thank you for your suggestion, it makes a lot of sense and for sure I will try to find a lawyer. I can understand your concerns for my well being and getting stuck in my story, but I think I am strong and mature enough to handle it and take care and protect the little girl within me. I am very well aware of all the risks evolved and sometimes I think it’s a risk I must take. I feel there is no coincidence that I left Portugal and I found your books and in the process I found my voice and this young doctor, at the time, became famous. I feel all this happen so I can get maxim exposure to your work in Portugal and expose the problem of the unhealthy professionals in Portugal . I can give you many examples but this morning talking with my niece-in-law on the phone, she has a little boy and she is the only one in my family that has paid attention to your knowledge the rest of the family unconsciously choose to deny these truths. She also tried to take these truths to her family so she could help her nieces and nephews from being spanked, but her sisters refuse to listen. One of her nephews, he is about 10 years old now, was taking to the hospital to do a lot of physical tests, he had to have general anesthesia, to find out why he keeps urinating the bed at night. The psychologist talk to the little boy and the little boy told him that he was afraid of his father so the psychologist suggested for the father to spend more time with the boy, like spending more time with his abuser is going to help the little boy! Instead of brings the whole family in and educating them about the dangerous of spanking theirs children. These ignorant professionals that are making their money deceiving themselves and others have to be stopped.

Anyway I like to tell you about the dream I had last night, very strange because I don’t have much dreams anymore or I just don’t remember them, you and I were at the phoenix airport, you were moving back to Europe ! (I know you don’t travel anymore, but in my dreams you do!) We were waiting for your plane to take off, but it was taking forever, you also were traveling with a cat and this cat did not need to be in a carrier! he was very calm and would follow you every where and sleep next to you while we waited, I fell a sleep too and when I woke up you had taking off and I was a little sad that I did not see you leave and I did not say goodbye. I started to look for my car keys to go back home and I was having trouble finding my keys, eventually I found them in my purse, but when I got out of the airport I was in an strange city and did not recognized anything! I did not feel scared I just keep looking around in awe and then I wakeup for real.

Do you have any idea what this dream might mean?

Thank you for your attention and I hope all is well with you. Much love, Sylvie

AM: Thank you for your letter. You don’t mention that you read and understood the new flyer I have sent you. Was the content scaring? The dream may be your unconscious reaction to the scaring flyer. The dream may say: I feel well now, I don’t need to know more, I can let Alice Miller go and I can find the key to my car (this is wonderful, it is your autonomy!). But you are a curious person, you are not only looking for your peace, you want to KNOW. This may be the new, unknown city you will now have to dicover by writing your book. It is a very encouraging dream.