the drama of the gifted child

the drama of the gifted child
Sunday December 16, 2007

thanks for reading this.
i’m M. from Israel & i’m 20 years old.
I eagerlly read your book a few years ago. it seemed like someone was tellin me exactlly how it feels to be myself.
I’m under the impresssion there is no answer or solution proposed to the problem it discussed.
i got the feeling that according to you, wer’e almost doomed to repeat our parents mistakes as far as treating our children is concerned.
i looked for new books you published, discussing it with not much success.
I believe yyour views on the matter changed as the years passed.
i would appreciate your reply. M.

AM: No, we are only doomed to repeat as long as we deny what happened to us. If we have the courage to know the truth of our childhood, if we don’t need the lies to protect our parents, we CAN change a lot. Unfortunately, our whole society and ALL religions prefer to protect the parents and let the child suffer by calling beatings “education.” You can find the list of my 13 books on my website.