Physical abuse and poltics

Physical abuse and poltics
Friday July 14, 2006

Dear Alice,

Today I was listening to all the BBC reports about all the violence and counter-measures going on in Lebanon and Israel, and I was reminded, by my body, that what probably unites ALL the combatants is a violent and abusive childhood history. To ignore this IS what causes its reoccurrence in both personal and political circles. As I was considering this, I was reminded of the brutal measures of “correction” that my parents “visited” on my body when I was very small and helplessly dependant on their care and understanding. I can still remember the absolute betrayal of trust in them AND, in consideration of the news today, (and every day for that matter), the intense feelings of revenge and hatred that I had for them.
So what do I think those in “politics” do?
They take or let their suppressed injuries and the rage it incurs be unconsciously “formed” into political ideologies in which these feelings can (finally) be discharged onto substitute people, with disastrous consequences for everyone involved.
What everyone involved here fails to realize is that feelings of rage, hatred, and a desire for revenge do NOT kill oneself or anyone else, but that ACTIONS based on these feelings, do.

AM: I agree with you. The consciously FELT feelings are not dangerous and make us free for finding constructive solutions. But the DENIED, suppressed rage and fear (of parents), covered up by ideologies and religious fanaticism, lead to irrational actions against substitutes that are destructive for both the victim and the aggressor.