Your Book “Saving Your Life”

Your Book “Saving Your Life”
Wednesday January 16, 2008

Hello Alice Miller; Could you please help me with this information you give on your website in this article: I can not find this book! “Saving Your Life” 2007. When is this book coming out and how can I get it? I have read all your other books many times each! I am sure I would enjoy this book to. Can you help Me? K.

My Afterword 2007 to “Path of Life”

Quote: “I soon realized that Sandra’s wishes had deceived me into thinking – like many therapists – that a “beneficial” heart-to-heart talk with the parents can help to alleviate the injuries inflicted in childhood. Today, nine years later, I doubt that this should be true. Even if Sandra’s father had “come clean,” even if he had sincerely admitted to his sadistic games (and this rarely if ever happens), he could still not have relieved her of the work she had to do. In my latest book Saving Your Life (2007), I describe this “work” and the inner processes it involves. The reality of childhood will never go away. Even if these parents were suddenly all transformed into angels, the memories of their cruelties, their hatred, their rejection remain as knowledge stored in the bodies of their children. The task devolving on the adult children is to free themselves of those memories, not by forgiving and forgetting, but by accepting the logical response to torture, the experience of rage they have denied themselves for so long. Medication can do nothing to reveal this truth. All it can do is to camouflage it, often for decades, without bringing any genuine relief.”

AM: The book will come out this year at Norton, probably under the title “Free From Lies”.