Governmental sponsored ultimate child abuse

Governmental sponsored ultimate child abuse
Monday June 18, 2007

Dear Alice Miller,
My humble request is to confirm in the Readers Mail Section of your website, that you – Alice Miller – has indeed received my alarming message.
I want also to assure you that I do and I will do my best to inform ignorant people of power and the whole societies, to alarm public opinion about the organized child abuse and its all consequences, to spread your discoveries and to fight your war for the sake of the children and of the whole humanity!
Alice Miller – you are my greatest authority of all times!
I wish you and Barbara all the best!

AM: I read your message that contains important information indeed, but you are not the first and not the only one person who reports of shocking facts concerning organized child abuse. Everyday we receive plenty of such information. Although I can’t do more than to write, I am glad that there are people like you who are able and brave enough to see what others so easily oversee. I thus hope that you will find a way to take EFFECTIVE action and inform ignorant people of power instead of writing to somebody who is well informed but has not the slightest means to change the state of affairs. I can assure you that I will do everything I feel that I need to do and CAN on my own but not anything else.