Obc and internal critical voice

Obc and internal critical voice
Thursday April 26, 2007

Dear Alice,

I have discovered your writings just recently and I have found them very interesting and helpful. I have just bought 2 books of yours with the hope of understanding more and more my emotional state.

I have got 2 questions for you.

1) As a person who suffers from disturbing thoughts (self-harm, suicide), I would like to know if you have investigated this disturb from your perspective of child abuse.

2) After reading The Drama and For Your Own Good, my internal voice immediately appeared saying…”Blaming is for loosers, now you are 35 and to play the role of the victim is the easiest way out”.

The problem is that I may end up trusting my critical voice, especially because as a child I was not abused in the active sense, even though I consider my family a disfunctional one and as such the main responsible of my emotional problems. I hope you could help me about how to deal with the internal voice.

Many thanks for listening.
I wish you peace and happiness, AC

AM: All my books are dealing with these internal voices. If you take time to read them they may help you. I can’t repeat here what I have already written many times. It is NOT easy to blame the parents, not at all, because it scares us – we expect to be punished. Blaming oneself is thus easier. But the prize we pay might be our illness or the one of our children.