Thursday April 12, 2007

Dear Ms. Miller:
Forgive, please, the lack of addressing you as “Doctor”- it seems almost to demean some of the things you have written, those things being far outside the “box” usually approved by the establishment . I was introduced to your book, The Untouched Key, by a psychologist acquaintance whom I asked for information on imprinting caused by childhood trauma. In the first twenty pages you affirmed every intuitive hypothesis I ever considered, and you have opened vistas on two friends, both of whom seriously planned suicide, but who have been gently urged back from the edge, and now we seek through each other some paths to personal salvation not offered by the “mobs”, nor by the priests or their kind, nor by any we call the “normals”. Not only has this one book confirmed our search but validated our strange methods which involve personal regression in what might be called a hypnotic state, where we seek out the painful stories in the other and attempt to nurture “the child within”. The one who I actually caught in the act of ending her life recently said, “When I go to the dark places, there are now coming new stories which are becoming stronger than the horrible dark ones.” Oh, please accept highest gratitude from this child, also born in 1946, who just in the last five years ago began to search for that child within, finding two others also on such a quest, for your work and your writings. Way off the path of least resistance, your writings offer incredibile inspiration and verification of hunches held for decades with no place to work them through. Thank you from me, for me, and for others who have used your insights as springboards for searching for the deeply hidden truths which have molded and scarred us. The discoveries and affirmations of friends bring healing and hope.
Most sincerely, l. w. b.

AM: Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately, as a rule, we don’t open attached files.