How to get Mrs Miller’s books

How to get Mrs Miller’s books
Tuesday August 28, 2007

Dear Mrs Miller

Though I am not at all a therapist or a psychologist ,your books and studies have always been for me THE absolute reference , and most probably the only one which I’ve always found TOTALLY convincing and extremely true , as far as trying to understand the world of deep emotions and the origins of some behaviours is concerned .

I have understood ( or started understanding ..) a lot of things in me and around me ( as well as “larger” events such as Nazismus, or some great writers’s obsessions ) thanks to your experience and theories, and I only regret one thing, which is that I would have been honored and fulfilled if the circumstances had allowed me to be one of your patients !

Now my very down-to-earth problem is that one of your very important books is missing in France ( where I come from ) , and though I know you probably won’t be able to answer this particular question, I only would like to point out this problem, in case you should be be in contact with the editor sooner or later .. .
The missing book is :

“Das Drama des begabten kindes und die Suche nach dem wahren Selbst ” .

I can speak a little German and English, but unfortunately not well enough to be able to read the book in these languages , or at least to understand and FEEL in a foreign language the main purpose of your thoughts and experience, without mentionning the fact that I’d like to offer the book to some of my relatives, my sister in particular, who is keen on your works too ..

The book had been translated in French by J.Etoré and B.Denzler, the ed. was PUF

Anyway, be sure ( But I guess you know it..My mail is only another witness ) your work has helped ( and goes on helping ) a great deal some of your readers.

Especially people ( I was born in 1957 ) whose parents and relatives where traumatized by wars and ” Schwarze Pädagogik ” , children like me and my sister who have tried as well as they could not to transmit these traumas to their own children , but having to get rid of the consequences of this absence of consciousness in former generations at the same time …
Not an easy job 🙂
A whole life’s achievements and research , little by little ..

And your books have been at the same time a revelation and an important backing in going on the way of some intuitions .
We are very grateful to you. C. F.

AM: Thank you for your letter. I think that you could write to PUF and ask them to republish the first edition of the DRAMA. Meanwhile, as you write quite well in English, you may want to buy the new American edition of the DRAMA, revised in 2007.