Personal question

Personal question
Thursday December 14, 2006

Dear Alice Miller,

I am in therapy, unfolding the past slowly, and at the point of a known denial on my behalf.
it seems that i have not gotten to the point of feeling the anger towards my father even though I’m experiencing flashes from the past and his behavior. every day that goes by, I’m more and more confident with acknowledging what had happened even though after a few moments I’m “not sure” it was him.
my question is, when will i feel this anger in order to then fell the pain to then – mourn over it and eventually – heal?
i do not mind my letter being published, i hope to find the answer and to end this torture.

AM. Be patient with yourself. It seems that you are on the right path because you WANT to discover the truth. But the doubts are normal. Who wants to believe that what is incredible was indeed real? And was done to a small helpless human being? It takes time to admit the truth and you need the company of a therapist who will not preach you forgiveness.