dangerous “therapies”

dangerous “therapies”
Sunday March 29, 2009

dear alice

my name is mika from japan and id like to appreciate all your work and wisdom youve shared with us all around the globe.
theres a concrete sanity and great compassion in you for all the wounded and misled souls who ever walked on the planet.
im one of them and i truely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ive had terrible experiences with my therapists in my past.
one ( a japanese therapist takashi yasuda ) told me that i wanted to have sex with my father.
even worse, he asked me to have sex with him when i overcome that feeling towards my father and get mentally well.
he even said that he SHOULD NOT have sex with me at that time since i was still hurt from the childhood..
his words hurt to me to death and made me furious as hell.
as you see, he just didnt make any sense at all and i stopped going see him for good.
i heard that he was having sex with other clients.

the other one ( a viennese phycotherapeut)
when i lived in vienna, i had homeopathic/ theraputic sessions with him.
we started to date during the therapy and we ended up living together afterwards.
after several violent fights, i was beaten up critically by him and sent to the hospital.
he said that it was my fault and inner aggression that caused him to hit me.

alice, now ive read your books and gave me a total understanding of what was actually going on with me and those therapists.
they are so screwed themselves and havent dealt with their own pasts yet. worst of all, they are not even qualified to be professionals.
they take total advantage of their volunerable clients in despair.
even if some people are able to go to therapy, they have unfortunate to have such evil, pshycoatic therapists.

thats why the world needs ‘ sane, conscious, and aware therapists ‘ like you!
its so hard to find one and im sure that lots of clients out there are misinterpreted, mistreaten and even abused like i was.
now we need to stand up for our own rights and spread the truth and your word throughout the world!

i really want you to know that someone that you havent met, or even know of is in tears reading your books and growing hope inside her heart.
what youve done is actually soul saving. i thank god for giving us YOU and thank you so much for helping us.

with lots of gratitude and love
yours sincerely,

AM: I was moved by your letter, thank you for informing me that the misleading and ddestructive theories don’t have any limits and find their believers also in Japan. Fortunately you were ready to open your eyes and can now protect yourself.