Why My Body Refuses to Obey the 4th Commandment

Why My Body Refuses to Obey the 4th Commandment
Sunday May 14, 2006

Dear Alice,
In entitling this letter I could have called it “Why I think the 4th commandment needs to be thrown on the scrap heap of human history”.
Because my body simply refuses to believe that it in any way would it be beneficial to itself or me to have to honour, love, and/or obey people who have so massively abused and taken advantage of me, and it, when I was a small, dependant, helpless child.
That my body, more than anything else remembers in explicit detail the beatings, spankings, humiliations, even rapes, just how, it asks, can it possibly be beneficial for me, or it to refrain from and ignore its messages in order to forgive, understand, or reconcile with my parents? Truth is, it has no interest in such an attempt.
My body, like a healthy child, commands only respect for its impeccable integrity, its holding to the facts of what it has experienced, and its trust in me as the responsible adult to follow its “instructions”.
And why does it ignore and stay always unimpressed by the commandment to “Love and Honour Thy Parents”?.
Because it knows that they have never done a God-damned thing to ever deserve it, that’s why.

AM: Yes, the body is so much more wise than we are. Our wisdom has been partially destroyed by our education that forced us to believe so many nonsenses and absurdities.