Sunday October 12, 2008

Dear Alice Miller.

I have just read several flyers etc on your web-site and I will try to limit my words as much as possible…

How is it possible even for an adult to realize that he/she is utterly alone in the world, having not ever been loved?
Is self-love the same thing as letting oneself feel and speak the truth….the same as what a loving parent would allow the child? If love is really allowing the child to be free to feel and speak then it would be possible to do this ourselves as adults. Is this all we need to feel safe? To let go of parents who could not and would not support us in expressing ourselves truly and freely?

Kind regards,
T: M.

AM: Yes, you have perfectly understood: to love ourselves means that we allow ourselves to feel, think, and express what we need to and to let go of the hope that our parents will once change and enable us to feel free with them – what they never did before.