I could benefit so much

I could benefit so much
Monday December 24, 2007

Dear Alice Miller,

I grew up in Bulgaria, one of the former socialist countries. Your works are not known in Bulgaria but your ideas are – which comes to say something very important.

I came across your books when I was trying to understand someone else’s behaviour – someone who was very severely abused as a child, as I could find out. In the process of this work, I could find out truths about myself, my family and my childhood. I must say I was not surprised – the feeeling there were wrongs in my family accompanied me since some time in my childhood. (I guess that in general I did not lose contact with my True Self – this was a discovery, I got a confirmation about my psychic health.)
Reading your books helped me articulate all those vague and half-defined feelings and thoughts – and much more clear ideas about me, my family and life in general emerged. Now I feel I am better orientated in life and in my interactions with others; your works served as a guidebook to me in both directions – getting to know myself and getting to know others. (I can also say that as a result I have practical benefits in my daily life as well.)

What I would very much to tell you: somewhere in your books you have a phrase like that:
a parent must orientate his child in life honestly.
In this sense, I got from you an honest orientation in life.
And if you allow me to say this: I feel you are my real mother.

I just feel an inner drive to say this…

Yours, A.

AM: I am glad that you could understand so much, thank you for writing.