My life has been profoundly altered

My life has been profoundly altered
Thursday December 01, 2005

Dear Alice,

I have just read two of your books (Gifted Child and Untouched Key) as a by-product of attending a course in dramatherapy. These have made an extraordinary impression on me and I have the sense of my life being profoundly altered by them. I wanted to thank you for this. I hope that I am able to free myself from my own childhood prison( not physically violent but full of lies, manipulation and emotional neglect). I also hope my daughter will benefit.
Here in the UK we have an autocratic prime minister with a strangely mixed agenda of war, attacks on civil liberties and some good stuff too (helping the poor, funding for deprived children etc). His MPs are very obedient to him. Your books have made me aware of the parental control he exerts on them and many voters. I am also interested to discover more about the childhood of both him and Margaret Thatcher, a woman of extraordinary blocked feeling.
So this is not a question, just a thank you, but no problem if you want to publish it on your website.

Best Wishes
D. J.

A.M.: Thank you for your letter!