My Childhood story

My Childhood story
Friday July 11, 2008

I want to write an autobiography that will make you more known to people than Jesus Christ. You books make me want to live even though I have Lung cancer. Because of you I no longer have Migraine headaches. I have so much more to say. I am no longer in a fateful sleep. Thank You. N. V.

AM: You can write us about your childhood as frankly as you can. It may be that by admitting the truth about your history you will help yourself to overcome your illness as you WANT to support your body in its fight against the lie and to live YOUR LIFE. Please write if you don’t want your letter to be published. I wish you the courage to speak up.

Alice Miller, I am attaching an outline of my childhood history and autobiography with the hopes that you may be interested in it. I would like to publish my story and hope I can bring attention to you in the process. I am sure you see and read many stories from people like me but you have been such an inspiration to me I can not give you enough credit. Thank you is the least I can say. I have lived a life not unlike many others you talk about in your books but if you only have five minutes to read my outline, please read the section on when I was 49 years old. Everything that happened in my childhood was relived when I reached 49. Please read it. I will even take a lie detector test to prove I am not lying.

AM: Thank you for writing us your story. As there are 43 pages of it, we can’t publish your full text on our mailbox. But I want to congratulate you for your awakening from your dangerous sleep.
You have damaged your health by loving your highly abusive family, by waiting for their love and trying to kill your absolutely justified anger and rage by taking for 40 years marijuana (!!!) as well as antidepressants. Now you allow yourself to FEEL, to write your history, and your migraines disappeared. We can hope that also your cancer will leave you. The body is not cruel, not mean, it only wants to help you with the symptoms to listen to yourself, to love yourself and to care for your life and body instead of waiting for your family to change. They will not change and as a conscious adult, who is learning to love herself, you don’t need parents to care for you, you can do it much better. Please let us know how you felt after the surgery and try to give as much compassion as you can to the child in yourself that suffered so much all her life.