may I mention your web-site?

may I mention your web-site?
Sunday May 04, 2008

Dear Alice,
First of all I want to thank you for all the books you have published and written, it is such a great contribution for the humanity! Your books have helped me to understand and overcome my lonely and tragic childhood, and my suicidal adolescence. And not to feel guilty and ashamed of the negative feelings I had for my parents.
I am female, composer, pianist and music teacher resident in Spain but Croatian born. I have recommended your books to many of my students and friends and can tell you that it helped a lot of people to change their way of thinking.
What I want to ask you is the next: soon I will have my web page as composer, and I would like to know if it would be ok with you to mention your web page in my links, sort of permission, since I don´t want to do it without you knowing about it and agreeing on it.
Whatever would be your decision, I will respect it.
Thanks a lot for your attention.
My best wishes and a big warm hug, M. P.

AM: Thank you for your warm letter. Of course, you are free to mention our web site, everybody can do it. Sorry that we can’t mention yours in reverse, but we must respect our limits.