How do I spread your word?

How do I spread your word?
Sunday March 16, 2008

I have dedicated my time to spreading your word to spare others the pain and confusion my own family gave me.
Who should I target (I would think people in positions of authority most importantly, like police and politicians) with the book?
How do I go about spreading the information? Should I take information to school? To military academies?

AM: People in authority will not help you; they need their authority above all and are afraid of the truth, of their own fear hidden behind that authority. But if you have time enough, you can print my flyers (they are free) and send them out to schools, to organizations pretending to help children, to nurses, to physicians, wherever you can hope that your information will get some interest, some curiosity, or even an open ear to listen to an information that they never heard about before.