Thank You

Thank You
Monday January 28, 2008

Dr. Miller,
I recently finished reading The Truth Will Set You Free and I wanted to personally thank you. The insights presented in your book were extremely helpful to me and I would like to applaud your efforts to raise the necessary awareness required to stop child abuse. I first heard reference to your earlier works through Robert Bly, whom I would consider to be one of my spiritual fathers, and my only regret is not reading your book sooner. As a husband and a father of two young boys (3 years old and 5 years old) I sometimes struggle with the day to day activities of life. Would you be able to point me in the direction of additional guidance, specifically in the area of practical parenting, that would have the same premises as your work?
Thank You, S. S.

AM: Besides my books I can “only” offer you my interviews, articles, flyers and this mail.