Proposal for Italian Translation of essential portions of your Website

Proposal for Italian Translation of essential portions of your Website
Saturday March 29, 2008

Dear Alice,

I have been thinking for such a long time of translating bit by bit the information on your website (I do not know how long it will take but it I would much like to start). Many Italian speaking people would need access to your/our thinking which is rare here in Italy. One or two personal blogs have brief comments mostly related to your last book. As I have noted in human development or behaviour studies/articles, a new way of thinking is often seen as “the latest filosophy”, but as we know it is not a filosophy but an enlightenment towards, and, on what life is meant to be. This is conciousness is inevitable is humanity is survival. It is a sick world (unfortunately). Mental health seems to be the exception where it exists when it should be the contrary.

If you approve of my proposal, you may add Italian as a fourth language on your website when you receive them. You could mention that the there is no facility or possibility to respond in italian to your reader’s mail (which I imagine is the case at the moment).

Best wishes and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. M. C.

AM: Please read the answer I gave some days ago on the German side to an Italian group which contacted me with the same issue.

Translation of the answer on the German Website: AM: We have been asked already several times for an Italian version of my website, but every time, I had to decline this request because I do not understand enough Italian to be able to check the translations and to take responsibility for the translated text. But if the group creates an Italian website and reveals clearly that it is publishing my texts WITHOUT my revision, then I cannot forbid this. But then the responsibility lies solely with the group that acts as the owner of the Italian website.